UX Work Samples


Website Revamps

During my time at Bayshore Solutions, I worked on website projects as a Content Strategist. My responsibilities involved content audits, developing new IA sitemaps based on stats and UX knowledge, creating content flow recommendations, and writing website copy. Below are links to two website projects (that are recent enough to reflect my work.)

DiscoveryIT Group

DiscoveryIT Group didn’t have a brand style guide and their previous website did not reflect the brand’s values or accurately portray what it’s like to work with them. For the website rehaul, it was important not only to capture the voice in the main copy but to also reflect the brand’s friendly, low-pressure vibe with how users interact and consume the material.

Breaking down content into easily-digestible steps improves the overall user experience.


Ensuring that the brand’s voice shines through every interaction, including the CTA buttons. DiscoveryIT Group is all about relationship-building, so user interactions needed to reflect that.

Citrus Spine Institute

Citrus Spine came to us with a simple five-page website that was very light on content and outdated. We revamped their entire website and then assisted with creating additional content for SEO purposes.


The “Follow Us” placement and the Scroll Down indicator both encourage the user’s eyes to move vertically to encourage website interaction.

In an industry where empathy is important, we can still demonstrate empathy and a personal touch without the main action getting lost. Here’s an example where a clear CTA allows us to include an empathy-driven headline without muddling the purpose of the module.

reVive Light Therapy

reVive Light Therapy was a client of Bayshore Solution’s, and I was the Content Strategist assigned on this account. Although my primary responsibility was creating content calendars and writing blogs, I could pitch ideas to other channels. Here is one instance where I suggested the inclusion of browsing by use case, since not many shoppers are initially aware of what light therapy is capable of.


Ashley HomeStore

Blog UX

The Ashley Homestore blog underwent a big revamp in 2018. Along with creating a name for the blog, “xo Ashley,” I helped recreate the blog’s navigation to create a better user experience. Previously, the navigation menu was categorized by room type: Living Room, Dining Room, Outdoor, etc. Not all blog posts fit under this categorization method, and most users weren’t looking for content based on a room. Our market research showed that our audience’s hobbies were hosting parties and DIYs, so we created a navigation that spoke to our audience’s interests and made the best use of the content we were creating.

Category Pages

Our category landing pages weren’t performing as hoped, so the creative copy team worked at categorizing different ways a user could shop. Below are the rug and lighting category pages I work on.