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As a freelance content writer for Give Legacy, I write SEO-driven and research-backed content for their blog and resource library. In addition to writing content, I help schedule posts in WordPress, which includes writing a meta title, meta description, and sourcing a featured image.

Top-ranking articles

  • Can you freeze sperm at home?
    This article earned the top featured snippet for the Google search “can you freeze sperm at home?”
  • Melatonin and male fertility
    Earned the top result and featured snippet for Google search terms “melatonin and male fertility” and “does melatonin cause male infertility.” It also ranks on the first page for other related searches, like “does melatonin decrease sperm count” and “does melatonin cause low sperm count.”

  • How to improve sperm morphology
    Ranked #1 on Google search for “how to improve sperm morphology” and #7 for “sperm morphology”
  • The hormones that drive male fertility
    Ranked #2 on Google search for “hormones that affect male fertility” and #8 for “male fertility hormones”
  • Steroids and male fertility
    Ranked #6 on Google search for “steroids and sperm count”

Additional articles

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