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Event Marketing for SkySwitch’s Vectors 2019

As Communications Manager at SkySwitch, I led the communications and content side of our event marketing. This included writing ad copy, crafting targeted email broadcasts, writing engaging blog posts, writing press releases and securing media coverage, developing podcasts, and more.

Paid Social Media Ads

I provided creative direction and strategy, and also wrote the copy for the posts below.

Email Marketing



Blog Posts

Press Releases


SkySwitch entered a media barter deal with Telecom Reseller, a leading online publisher of telecom and UCaaS news. We created a Vectors 2019 podcast series and I strategized the topics, coordinated podcast guests, wrote talking points, provided support during recordings, and promoted published podcasts through blogs, social media, and email marketing.


Jeff Pulver’s full podcast recording available here.

Darren Knapp’s full podcast recording available here.

Keenan’s full podcast recording available here.

Support Line On-Hold Voice Scripts


On-Site Experience

I had the idea to set up free, complimentary headshots for all Vectors 2019 attendees. Since most attendees are small business owners, free headshots are very useful for their online presence and for their employees. This idea ended up being a huge favorite at the event (while also being one of the lowest-cost perks). Outside of the free professional headshot room, we had a large selfie frame printed out (below) for fun, casual photos while waiting in line.