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So, who am I, and why should you trust me with your marketing content?

I’m Emily Vasquez, and I got my start in marketing nearly a decade ago when I co-founded an artisan eCommerce business. Straight out of high school with absolutely no experience or mentorship, I dove straight in and built a profitable business that generated six figures in revenue by year two. To get it off the ground, I dabbled in all areas of the business—from product development to pricing strategy to bookkeeping—and excelled the most in marketing and brand strategy. I discovered that my lifelong love of words and stories was a really good thing for impactful marketing.

I spent the next several years writing for national publications, in-house creative teams, high-growth startups, agencies, SMBs, enterprise businesses, and more. (Below, you can take a peek at just some of the brands that have trusted me with their content.)

As an Enneagram 2, I’m driven by a passion for helping others. So when smart, busy business owners and marketing teams don’t have the bandwidth to clarify their message or create engaging content, I’m here to help make their lives easier. If that sounds like you, let’s see how I can help! 

Brands I've had the pleasure of working with

What it's like to work with me

  • "Emily has a gift for generating creative content across multiple digital channels. She is a thoughtful observer who asks the right questions and consistent producer of relevant, SEO-rich messaging. Emily is also a terrific collaborator on branding projects, one who delivers unique ideas and a fresh voice to a variety of corporate projects. She knows how to connect to the target audience and adapt content as needed to deliver the best possible results."

  • Kathleen Boring

    "Emily worked for me while I was CMO for SkySwitch and I was pleased to have been her guide and mentor, watching her bloom and blossom over the 15 months we worked together. Emily is super organized, a great assembler of ideas, a gifted writer and a pleasure to work with. Deadlines, and communicating them to others, is a key strength of hers, as her Get It Done attitude is so needed in a fast paced business atmosphere. Most importantly, Emily brings her smile and calm personality to everything she does, making her a real asset to any team."

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