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  • Hi Im Emily

    Hi, I’m Emily.

    I help busy teams become their ideal client’s number one choice by creating magnetic marketing content and copy.

    If you are…

    • Struggling to clarify your brand’s message and value props
    • Overwhelmed by the demand for engaging content
    • Underwhelmed with your current content’s performance
    • Tired of chasing down updates and getting lost in revisions with sub-par providers

Then I’m here to help you use the power of story
to connect with customers.

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    Hire a writer that speaks strategy

    I’m happy to help you create and execute content.

    But, I’m even happier to help your team analyze your current strategy and find ways it can be improved, because…

    I thrive where creative and data collide. 

    When we work together, you’re not just hiring an order-taker.

    You’re entering a relationship with a business partner who is ready to make your brand shine online with strategic storytelling.

    Ready to reach out?

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I can talk for days, but my work speaks for itself. Take a look at my portfolio and if you like what you see, I’m ready to help.

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