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I co-managed Ashley HomeStore’s blog with a coworker on the social media team. The social media team’s priority is executing the blog, while the copywriting team’s priority is strategizing and writing the content.

I met with the social media team on a bi-weekly basis to brainstorm topics based on trending topics, SEO research, and our blog statistics. I also acted as the liaison between the social media team and copywriting team for story pitches, blog UX updates, assigning articles, and any other general updates.

I wrote 2-3 blogs a month and completed the first round of proofing for blogs written by other copywriters on the team. This first round of revisions includes basic proofing and focuses heavily on brand voice, style, and tone. I worked closely with writers to highlight their unique strengths and merged that with Ashley HomeStore’s overall brand voice and content strategy.

Here are a few blogs that I wrote:

Beginners Guide: Top 10 Rookie Decorating No-Nos
This blog was a top performer on Ashley’s Instagram story, with 16k unique impressions within 24 hours and 10k unique impressions on the final “Swipe Up to Read More” slide.

Sofa Design Guide: All Types, Styles and Fabrics Explained

This is one of Ashley’s most successful long-form SEO posts. Here are a few Google search rankings as of September 27, 2018:  #5 for “sofa design guide”, #11 for “types of sofas”, #15 for “sofa style guide”.

Gift Guide for the #Girlboss

In December 2017, this blog ranked within the top 5 most viewed posts every week. It also outperformed every other blog of the gift guide series.

6 Ways to Create the Feeling of Fall When It’s Warm Out

I pitched this idea, along with the idea of creating a branded playlist to accompany this post. I suggested creating an Ashley HomeStore account on Spotify, so we can create seasonal playlists or playlists for themed parties. Since our target audience loves throwing parties and hosting, this additional piece of content would be useful for our readership.

What Does Your Bed Say About You?

Inspirational content was a major element that the social media team wanted to focus on, and this idea I pitched delivered on that front.

More blogs I wrote for Ashley HomeStore:

Here are a few blogs that I edited:

Mix & Match: How to Piece Together the Perfect Outdoor Patio Set

Beginners Guide: Decorating Your First Apartment

Surprising Benefits of Healthy Sleep

Living Well: How to Effectively Mix & Match


Blog UX/UI

  1. I worked with the social media team to work on more user-friendly categorization and tagging for blog content. When I started with Ashley HomeStore, the main blog menu was categorized by room. After analyzing the interests of our target audiences, we decided to categorize by Decor Ideas, Entertaining, Season, and Our Friends (for our increased Influencer Marketing). Later, “Community” was added to highlight Ashley’s social responsibility, and “Quizzes” were added once that social engagement was launched.
  2. I worked with the Creative Copy team to come up with the name for the Ashley HomeStore blog: xo, Ashley.
  3. When I first joined Ashley HomeStore, I had the idea to create quizzes for greater user interaction across our social media platforms. I helped research WordPress plugins and create a set of quiz content ideas for the eventual launch.
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