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People always ask me, how did you know you wanted to become a writer? Honestly, I couldn’t picture my life any other way and feel incredibly blessed to do what I love for a living — and even more blessed that my work has helped others in substantial ways. I’ve created marketing content and strategy for small, innovative start-ups, major global corporations, and just about everything in-between. Whatever situation you’re in, I’m dedicated to helping you grow and scale your business through strategic storytelling.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with:

The highest standards, the happiest clients.

  • "Emily has a gift for generating creative content across multiple digital channels. She is a thoughtful observer who asks the right questions and consistent producer of relevant, SEO-rich messaging. Emily is also a terrific collaborator on branding projects, one who delivers unique ideas and a fresh voice to a variety of corporate projects. She knows how to connect to the target audience and adapt content as needed to deliver the best possible results."

  • Kathleen Boring

    "Emily is an extremely talented and organized writer who excels at engaging, structured SEO-friendly content for a range of marketing mediums. As an intern, she was given some challenging writing projects on some pretty heavy healthcare topics and she consistently outperformed our expectations on each. Emily is also able to shift her writing style across many different mediums to write using either a technical, solicitous or conversational tone. She’s an extremely talented writer and strategic marketing professional who’d play a valuable role on any marketing team."

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